Pavements are aesthetically pleasing and practical additions to any modern home. It gives a sense of orderliness to your property and may serve as a safe walking space. One of the best materials you can consider for this investment is asphalt. 

While this material is durable and resilient for driveways and other surfaces, it can suffer from cracks and uneven surfaces if you don’t care for it properly. Neglecting your asphalt pavement’s regular maintenance can also lead to expensive and sooner repaving and repairs. 

From cleaning it regularly to working with professional asphalt paving contractors, this article will enumerate six tips to prolong your pavement’s lifespan.

1. Clean the Pavement Regularly 

Like other parts of your home, keeping a clean pavement can boost its appeal and ensure everyone’s safety.

You can keep your asphalt’s best condition by removing dirt and other damaging materials. Regularly sweep the surface to remove debris and scrub any remaining dirt using a stiff-bristled brush. Next, thoroughly rinse it with water to remove any stubborn particles. These steps will help maintain its best condition and prevent cracks from forming. 

Asphalt paving contractors recommend giving it a deep clean every few weeks with a garden hose and some soap. It’s also best to pressure wash your driveway once a year to remove stubborn stains. 

2. Seal Coat It

Asphalt paving contractors say that seal coating your driveway is one of the best ways to maintain its functionality and aesthetic appeal. It will also give your pavement a smooth and refreshed appearance. 

While applying a seal coat can range from $250 to $700, the benefits outweigh the costs, such as keeping it weatherproof, boosting curb appeal, and less time spent on maintenance. 

3. Fix the Cracks Immediately

You should call asphalt paving contractors immediately if you spot a crack in your asphalt surface because it can quickly expand and cause further damage as liquids and debris seep into the gap. Neglecting this damage can lead to costly repaving. 

You can also address the issue by buying asphalt repair patching materials from an online retailer or your local hardware store. It’s best to do this repair procedure on the weekend. That way, you won’t disrupt anyone’s activities or plans. 

4. Control the Weeds 

You should address your weed problem in your driveway because it can cause lasting damage if you don’t tackle it. The weeds’ roots can spread rapidly and creep through the ground beneath your driveway, creating fractures and openings for more weeds to grow. Neglecting this can lead to significant problems and costly repairs.

You can protect your asphalt driveway’s integrity by using a store-bought weed killer or manually digging them up with a trowel and gardening gloves. That way, preventing them from spreading and dominating your garden will be easier.

5. Improve Its Drainage System

A functioning drainage system is a crucial part of a properly-maintained driveway. Without it, your pavement can suffer from costly water damage. If the water on your driveway isn’t draining correctly, it can create puddles, which are detrimental to the asphalt. These puddles can weaken and crack the surface. 

For this reason, you should call a professional to determine the source and how to resolve the problem.

6. Call a Professional 

If you need help maintaining your driveway, you can always work with professional asphalt paving contractors. They can provide an affordable but high-quality inspection and repair plan to keep your asphalt’s best condition. They can also offer discounts for long-term commitment so you can save money. 


An asphalt driveway can last many years if you take care of it properly. Regular maintenance and working with professional asphalt contractors can help you enjoy a sleek and safe driveway!

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