A driveway is subject to the same elements as the rest of your home, so it’s important to keep up with its care in order to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

When choosing a material for your driveway, you should consider its appearance, durability, and function. Different materials can offer different benefits, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs. In this guide, we take a deep dive into what goes into getting asphalt driveways, including pros and cons, as well as the benefits.

Why Get an Asphalt Driveway?

Asphalt is a popular material for a number of reasons, the most popular being its low cost. Asphalt is made up of a number of materials, including gravel and tar, which makes it a very strong and durable material. 

It is also a very easy material to install and can be done in a very short amount of time.

Pros of Asphalt Driveways

1) Saves You Money

Asphalt is a very inexpensive material, making it a great option for homeowners who are looking to save money on their driveway. It is also very easy to install, which means that you can get your driveway done in a very short amount of time.

2) Withstands Any Weather Conditions

Asphalt is a very strong and durable material that can withstand any type of weather condition. It is also very easy to maintain as it does not require much upkeep.

3) Long-Lasting

Asphalt driveways are long-lasting, which is a huge selling point for many homeowners. When installed correctly, an asphalt driveway can last for over 12-35 years.

Cons of Asphalt Driveways

1) Stylistic Limits

With asphalt, you only have one color option. Asphalt is a dark, solid color. This means you can’t choose from a variety of colors or patterns to make your driveway unique.

An asphalt-paved driveway is a driveway that is made out of asphalt. The upside to having an asphalt-paved driveway is that it usually compliments the color and tone of most homes. However, the downside is that the only color option available for asphalt applications is black.

2) Requires Regular Maintenance

Asphalt driveways require more maintenance to keep them in good condition. You will need to regularly seal your asphalt driveway to keep it from cracking and breaking down.

How to Know if Asphalt is Right For You?

When it comes to choosing the right driveway material, asphalt is a popular option for many homeowners. If you’re considering asphalt for your driveway, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, think about how the material will look in your home. Asphalt can be a good choice if you want a driveway that has a clean, modern look. Second, consider your regional climate. Asphalt is a durable material that can withstand cold winters and hot summers, making it a good choice for many parts of the country. Finally, think about your budget. Asphalt is a relatively affordable option for many homeowners.


If you’re looking for a driveway material that has a clean, modern look and can withstand regional climate changes, asphalt may be the right choice for you. Be sure to consider your budget when making your decision.

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