Land Grading Contractor Loomis, CA

List of Grading Services

– Residential Construction Site Prep

– Commercial Construction Site Prep

– Driveways and Parking Logs

– Erosion Control

  • Our team handles jobs for new construction, landscapes, driveways, and erosion control.
  • Owner Todd Heldt oversees all projects to ensure quality work and clear communication with clients.
  • With nearly 30 years of experience, the company promises customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding expectations on every project.
  • You can get in touch with them for any size of land grading project to transform your land in Loomis, CA.
  • Licensed and Bonded. California Contractor’s License No. 604266
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Land Grading Tractor Loomis CA

Why Choose Us:


Owner, Todd Heldt, Oversees All Projects

He makes sure he’s part of every job. This means talking directly with you and making sure everything meets your needs. His attention to detail leads to great results, every time. You can trust him to handle your land grading in Loomis, CA because he aims for clear talks and quality finishes.

He’s seen it all and done even more. From homes to businesses, small jobs to big ones—he knows how to do it right. Next, find out how his land grading services can help with your project.

With Nearly 30 Years Of Experience, We Have The Expertise To Handle Any Grading Project

We have nearly 30 years of experience in land grading. Our team is skilled at handling any kind of challenge. Whether it’s big projects like getting sites ready for new buildings or small ones like making the ground even for gardens, we’ve tackled them all.

We use top-notch tools and methods to ensure success in every project.

Our track record in Loomis, CA proves our dedication to excellent work and customer satisfaction. We always strive to meet or exceed your expectations. Let’s discuss how we can assist with your next project.

Our Commitment To Customer Satisfaction And Exceeding Expectations

Making our customers happy is our main goal. We give every project, no matter the size, our best effort. We pay close attention to what you need and work hard to do even better than expected.

Talking clearly from beginning to end is very important.

Quality is always our top priority, so everything we do lasts and looks great. If you have any questions or worries, there’s someone ready to fix them. This way of doing things has kept us in good standing with people around Loomis, CA for almost 30 years.

Client Testimonial

“Absolutely great. Todd’s company put in a new gravel driveway for my mothers home and he was flexible, responsive and helpful every step of the way. Could not be happier. Fantastic customer service.”

Cale Silver


Land Grading Services Loomis CA

Loomis Land Grading: Homes, Driveways, Erosion Control, New Construction + More

At Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving, we offer top-notch land grading services. You can trust us to prepare your site with care and precision, making it ready for whatever you plan to build.

New Construction & Landscaping

When it comes to new buildings or making yards look spectacular, having the ground shaped just right is the first step for everything else. Our team gets in there early to make sure your land is ready to go.

We’re all about getting the ground flat and even—whether that’s for driveways, places to park, or just making your yard look great.

We keep stopping erosion and fixing water flow problems in mind from day one. This way, your project stays lasts no matter the weather.

It’s all about building a strong base so everything else can go smoothly.

Residential and Commercial Development

We clear land to make it ready for new houses and shops. We work on making the ground just right – smooth for buildings, or a little sloped so water can flow away. Our team handles big digging jobs and careful leveling to help build strong foundations.

We work closely with our customers in Loomis, CA, to make sure each project turns out exactly how it needs to be. This involves moving rock, soil, or clay – whatever we find at the site.

Thinking about rainwater and its path around these areas is also important to us. Setting up good drains and stopping erosion are vital for keeping everything safe when it rains. No matter if it’s a large shopping center or a small group of homes being built, our goal stays the same: give the best service that helps construction projects succeed.

Driveways, Parking Lots and Roads

Ensuring driveways, parking lots, and roads are smooth and even is a top priority. Our crew uses advanced equipment to flatten the ground. This helps water drain correctly and prevents puddles.

For areas where cars drive, like driveways or large parking spaces, having an even surface is crucial. It protects cars and improves the driving experience. We strive to achieve this goal for every project, regardless of size.

Erosion control and drainage solutions

After making sure driveways, parking lots, and roads are perfectly flat, we focus on protecting the land from water damage. We use clever methods to stop erosion and control how water moves across your project area.

Our team sets up systems that keep the ground firm and stop water from gathering where it shouldn’t. This means you don’t have to worry about mud or problems with foundations.

We choose materials that suit your land’s needs, making sure the solutions last a long time. Whether you need simple ditches or complex drainage systems, we handle it all. Our aim is to keep your investment safe from rainwater damage effectively without costing too much.

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Land Grading FAQs

What does a land grading contractor in Loomis, CA do?

A land grading contractor in Loomis, CA moves the earth to make sure your land is just right for building. They use big machines to excavate and shape the ground.

How can I find a good contractor?

You might look online, like on HomeAdvisor or Yellow Pages. Check if they have experience and ask about their background checks… You want someone you can trust!

What’s special about Loomis, CA for contractors?

Loomis has its own vibe—it’s part of Placer County with hot summers and some rain. Contractors here know how to handle all that nature throws at them.

Should I worry about pricing when choosing a dealer?

Yes! But remember: sometimes cheaper isn’t better… It’s smart to compare prices but also check what you get for your money.

How will my area affect the work needed from my grading contractor?

Your spot in California matters—whether it’s near Rocklin or Granite Bay; every place has its quirks from climate to soil type… Your contractor should know these details well!