Railroad Crossing Repair in California

Important Points About Railroad Crossing Repair

  • Railroad crossings in California need regular checks and repairs to keep cars and trains safe.
  • Our team uses the best technology and skills to fix and upgrade these crossings.
  • We make sure everything works well, from signals to road surfaces, for everyone’s safety. And that we’re in compliance with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).
  • Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving has years of experience with railroad crossing projects. We focus on quality work and customer happiness.
  • Clear communication with clients is key for us to meet their needs and make sure they are happy with our work.
  • Licensed and Bonded. California Contractor’s License No. 604266
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Railroad Crossing Repair in California

Importance of Maintaining and Repairing Railroad Crossings

Crossings need regular checks-ups and repairs; this ensures that signals work right, and tracks are in good condition. With well-kept crossings, drivers have clear signs when a train is coming, or it’s safe to go on.

Safe crossings help manage traffic smoothly and keep everyone moving without worries. They cut down risks of accidents between trains and vehicles.

For communities around us, it means safer roads for families, school buses, and trucks carrying goods across towns.

Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving Railroad Crossing Repair Services

 We keep railroad crossings safe and working right. Our team checks, fixes, and makes them better.

Inspection and Assessment

We begin by carefully examining and assessing the safety of the railroad crossing. Our team inspects every component, including signs, signals, and the road surface. Ensuring safety is our main priority; we also verify compliance with all regulations from the Federal Railroad Administration.

Then, we document any issues that require repair or updates. This strategy helps us prioritize tasks to enhance safety and ensure smooth crossings over the tracks. Once we thoroughly inspect everything, we repair and maintain the railroad crossings.

Repair and Maintenance

After a full check at the railroad crossing, it’s time for repairs.

Here’s what we do for repairs and maintenance:

  1. We look for any broken parts or areas that could be problematic. This includes checking the rails, ties, and the surface of the crossing.
  2. If there is damage to a rail, we replace it. If ties are old, we put in new ones.
  3. We replace rails with high-strength steel alloy designed for heavy train traffic.
  4. We make sure the crossing surface is smooth. Bumps can be bad for both cars and trains.
  5. Our crew checks that warning signals are working correctly. The lights must blink properly, and gates should move smoothly.
  6. We also check drainage around the area closely because water shouldn’t gather around; it might cause damage over time.
  7. All work adheres strictly to FRA regulations, ensuring the safety of tracks and roadways

Making your roadway safe and smooth is very significant to us—it matters just as much to everyone who uses it every day!

Client Testimonial

“Absolutely great. Todd’s company put in a new gravel driveway for my mothers home and he was flexible, responsive and helpful every step of the way. Could not be happier. Fantastic customer service.”

Cale Silver


Maintaining and Repairing Railroad Crossings

Why Choose Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving

Why Choose Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving: Trust us for quality and dedication in every project, big or small. Keep reading to find out how we can help with your next project.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

Our team has years of experience and skill in working on railroad crossings. This means we know exactly what to look for and how to fix things quickly.

We keep up with the most effective methods and use top-quality equipment. We’re great at making sure your grade crossings are up to standards and work right.

Plus, we always communicate with you to make sure you understand what’s happening and why.

Owner Involvement and Commitment to Quality Service

Our owner, Todd Heldt, takes an active role in every project. He ensures he’s part of the process from beginning to end. This approach guarantees top-quality work and customer satisfaction. He makes sure everything runs smoothly and meets expectations.

We prioritize clear communication with you throughout the project. We will always keep you informed about what is happening. Now, let’s talk about how paying attention to minor details leads to superior results.

Attention to Detail and High-Quality Work

Doing high-quality work is important to us because it keeps everyone safe and happy.

Our hard work shows in how smooth a fixed crossing feels or how well new improvements work. For us, getting the job is just right matters most.

Land Grading FAQs

Do you work on both public and private railroads?

Yes! We handle railroad crossing repair projects for public roads, private crossings on commercial properties, and crossings within industrial facilities.

What are the safety standards you follow?

We strictly adhere to all Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations and any additional local guidelines. Safety is our absolute top priority.

Can you work around active train schedules?

Yes, we have experience coordinating with railroad operators to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of our team and the tracks during repairs.

Do you offer emergency railroad crossing repair?

Yes, we understand the urgency of safety-related repairs. Please contact us directly at (916) 791-7593 for emergency assistance.