Paving Contractor Loomis, CA

 Finding the right paving contractor in Loomis, CA, can be a challenge. Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving has been shaping landscapes and pavements since 1983.

If you’re looking for experience and expertise, we have it.

Important Points About Our Paving Contractor Services

  • 40+ Years of Experience! Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving started in 1983 and offers a wide range of paving services.
  • We focus on quality work and customer satisfaction with the owner involved in every project.
  • We provide driveway installation, parking lot construction and road paving.
  • We ensure we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by making communication key to our process.
  • Based in Loomis, CA, we run projects in all surrounding areas and all over California.
  • Licensed and Bonded. California Contractor’s License No. 604266
  • Click Here To Check Our License Number (enter 604266)
Paving Contractor Loomis CA

Why Choose Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving

Expertise In The Paving Industry

We first opened in 1983 in Roseville, California. We started with simple projects near homes, both new and old. Five years later, we tackled underground construction and paving jobs.

Now, we cover all parts of site construction. We’re known for great work and excellent customer care.

After forty years, our team continues to focus on paving.

Commitment To Quality Work And Customer Service

Our team promises to deliver excellent work and service. We ensure that we make every paved driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot with the highest level of quality.

With special attention to detail, we aim for results better than what our customers expect.

Our owner is involved in every project from start to finish. He makes sure everyone understands each other clearly, so there are no surprises.

Good communication keeps everyone informed and helps prevent any problems or misunderstandings. This way, the final result is something both the workers and the customer can be proud of.

Client Testimonial

“Absolutely great. Todd’s company put in a new gravel driveway for my mothers home and he was flexible, responsive and helpful every step of the way. Could not be happier. Fantastic customer service.”

Cale Silver


paving company laying asphalt for new road and smoothing with roller

Loomis Paving Services Offered

Asphalt Paving

When it comes to making roads, driveways, and parking lots smooth and strong, trust Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving. With 4 decades of experience, we focus on each detail to ensure your job is done right, resulting in a great-looking and long-lasting outcome.

Seal Coating

Sealcoating is an important step to protect your paving pavement. It adds a protective layer that stops water, oils, and UV damage. It keeps the surface looking new and helps avoid cracks.

Think of it as sunscreen for your driveway or parking lot!

We use high-quality materials to sealcoat driveways, parking lots, and roads. This can make your paving last twice as long. Plus, it makes cleaning easier and makes everything look better with a shiny black finish.


Driveways are important for more than just driving on; they’re one of the first things people see about your home or business. When put installed correctly, driveways keep water from pooling and cut down on damage from everyday use.

Whether you want something simple or fancy, we can help. We listen carefully about your specific needs and your desired budget, to give results that impress while improving the look of homes in places like Loomis CA and Placer County.

Parking lot

We create parking lots that can handle cold winters and hot summers and lots of cars, trucks and vehicles.

Clear lines, no puddles, smooth services and the best materials – that’s what we do.


Our team handles all kinds of road projects, no matter if they’re big or small.

Whether it’s busy city streets or quiet neighborhood roads, we’ve got the skills to handle the job.

Our goal is always clear – to provide top-quality paved roads that last a long time. We use strong materials that can stand up to cars and trucks for years. This means you won’t have to worry about potholes or cracks as much.

Plus, we work quickly to minimize disruptions, getting your road ready for smooth driving as soon as possible.

We calculate everything to ensure each line is straight and placed correctly.

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Land Grading FAQs

What does an paving contractor in Loomis, CA do?

A paving contractor in Loomis handles everything to do with paving roads, parking lots and driveways.

What areas do you serve besides Loomis, CA?

We service all areas in the Greater Sacramento area, including Granite Bay, Roseville, Placer County, El Dorado County, Sacramento County, Yolo County and anywhere in California.

What types of projects do you handle?

We handle just about anything to do with paving, including residential and commercial jobs. These include driveways, parking lots, road construction and more.

Are you insured and licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Our California Contractor’s License number is 604266, you can verify it here at the California License Board Website.

How long does a typical driveway project take?

The time it takes depends on the size and complexity of the job. We can complete most residential driveways in 1 to 2 days. When we provide an estimate, we can give an accurate estimate.

What’s better asphalt or concrete?

Asphalt and concrete are both popular paving materials, each with pros and cons. Asphalt is more affordable upfront, while concrete can last longer. We’d be happy to discuss the best option for your needs during your free estimate.

What does an paving contractor in Loomis, CA do?

A paving contractor in Loomis handles everything to do with paving roads, parking lots and driveways.