Asphalt Driveway Company Loomis, CA

Todd Heldt Excavating and Paving, established in 1983, brings years of experience to asphalt driveway paving.

Important Points

  • Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving has been serving Loomis, CA since 1983, providing top-notch asphalt driveway installations and repairs.
  • We offer a wide range of services, including crack filling, seal coating, pothole repairs, edge repairs, and regular cleaning to keep driveways in great shape.
  • Todd Heldt, the owner, ensures personalized service and direct communication for every project in the company’s operation, meeting customer expectations.
  • Our experienced and professional team focuses on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction for both big and small paving projects.
  • Licensed and Bonded. California Contractor’s License No. 604266.
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Asphalt Driveway Company Loomis CA

Asphalt Driveway Services

At Todd Heldt Excavating & Paving, we bring your driveway dreams to life. From new installations to fixing up the old, we’ve got you covered.

Asphalt Driveway Installation

Installing an asphalt driveway is an important job. To ensure it’s properly prepared, we inspect and prepare the area. Next, using only high-quality materials, we apply the initial asphalt layer.

Next is smoothing and sealing. Our team uses special tools to press the asphalt firmly. This makes it strong enough for cars and trucks. After that, we seal it to keep water out and ensure it lasts a long time.

Every step counts for a great driveway that looks good through hot summers and wet seasons alike.

Driveway Repair and Maintenance

Taking care of your asphalt driveway is important for it to last a long time. Fixing and keeping it up can save you money and make it look good.

  • Crack Filling: Small cracks can lead to big problems if water gets in and freezes. We clean out the cracks and fill them to keep water out.
  • Seal Coating: This helps protect your driveway from the sun, rain, and spills. It’s like sunscreen for your pavement. It also makes it look new again.
  • Pothole Repairs: Driving over a pothole is terrible! We fix them by cleaning around them, putting in new asphalt, and smoothing it down.
  • Edge Repairs: The sides of your driveway can break apart over time. We fix this to stop more damage.

Client Testimonial

“Absolutely great. Todd’s company put in a new gravel driveway for my mothers home and he was flexible, responsive and helpful every step of the way. Could not be happier. Fantastic customer service.”

Cale Silver


Loomis Excavation Services Offered

Our team handles all kinds of earthwork for land preparation.

Site Grading And Preparation in Loomis

Leveling the ground and getting it ready is key before starting any building work. It’s about making sure the land is flat, guiding water away from where you’ll build, and setting up for future structures or roads. This step prevents future problems like flooding or crooked bases.

We also mark out exactly where things need to go based on the plan. We make sure there is enough space for everything, including pipes and wires underground. Doing this well makes sure all other steps can happen without delays or going over budget.


Trenching means making long, thin holes in the ground. It’s important for putting pipes, wires, or water systems under the earth. We use special tools to dig these holes correctly.

We make sure not to damage any cables or pipes already in the ground.

Clearing Land for Easy Access To and Around Your Loomis area Home

Trees, bushes, junk – they all have to go before the primary job begins. We employ large equipment and tractors to remove any obstacles.

Erosion Control

Erosion control keeps soil in its place. It is essential to protect the land around homes and buildings. This includes placing barriers and choosing plants that hold soil tight.

They make sure rain or wind won’t wash soil away, keeping properties safe.

Our team understands how important it is to keep water from causing damage. With careful planning, we can prevent problems before they start, ensuring every project stands strong against nature’s forces.

Foundation Digging

This makes sure there’s a strong base for houses, buildings, fences and structures.

It’s not only about moving dirt; it’s about creating a secure place that can support the entire structure.

Driveway and Walkway

These are important for easy access to and around your home.

For driveways, we make sure there is a correctly sloped and a strong base before pouring concrete or laying asphalt.

Walkways get the same careful preparation, making beautiful paths that link different parts of your outdoor space together.

Our focus is on long-lasting quality, and we don’t skip any steps along the way.

Underground Construction

We also work below ground to install pipes or cables, set up drainage systems, and get things ready for utilities. Making sure everything under your home or business works smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us means getting your driveway needs handled by experts. Todd Heldt and his team bring years of experience and a personal touch to every project.

Owner-Operated Business For Personalized Service

Todd leads his paving projects from the beginning to the end. He meets with you, creates a work plan, and ensures that everything is completed just the way you intended. This personal approach ensures that Todd fully understands your asphalt driveway or pavement needs.

You receive a service tailored just for you.

Good communication prevents problems and makes sure the job matches your expectations. His hands-on method catches details that might otherwise be overlooked. This emphasis on quality work and pleasing customers sets him apart in his area.

Quality Work And Customer Satisfaction

We ensure we do every job just right.  This means we really listen to what you want and work hard to deliver it

Our team takes pride in delivering first-rate service that meets your highest expectations. Each person on the team works diligently to do the job correctly, whether it’s installing a new driveway or repairing an old one.

Keeping customers happy is what we aim for with every job we take on.

Experienced And Professional Team

We’ve been handling both big and small projects with care since 1983. Our skills have gotten better over the years.

Our owner is very involved in each project, making sure customers are always happy.

It’s more than just putting down driveways; it’s about gaining trust and going beyond what people expect at every step.

Loomis Excavation Services

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Asphalt Driveway FAQs

What is the asphalt driveway lifespan in Loomis, CA?

In Loomis, CA, with its hot summers and occasional rain, a well-maintained asphalt driveway can last 15-20 years. However, several factors can influence its lifespan:

  • Subgrade Preparation: A properly compacted and stable subgrade is crucial for supporting the asphalt and preventing cracks.
  • Drainage: Good drainage ensures water doesn’t pool under the asphalt, which can lead to erosion and cracks.
  • Maintenance: Regular sealcoating (every 3-5 years) protects the asphalt from sun damage and water infiltration. Crack repairs should be addressed promptly to prevent them from growing.
  • Traffic Volume and Weight: Driveways with heavy or frequent traffic will need to be replaced sooner.
What are the benefits of asphalt driveways?

: Asphalt driveways offer several advantages: They are relatively affordable, smooth for driving and walking, easy to maintain, and come in a variety of colors to complement your home’s exterior.

Is asphalt environmentally friendly?

Asphalt is a recyclable material, and many paving companies use recycled asphalt in their mixes. Properly sealed asphalt allows rainwater to runoff cleanly, minimizing impact on the environment.