If you’re a property owner, you know that maintaining your asphalt is crucial to its longevity. Neglecting to do so can arise in costly repairs down the road. But how can you tell when your asphalt needs repairs?

 Here are eight clues that it might be time to call for asphalt repair services:

1. You See Cracks

 One of the most evident hints that your asphalt needs repairs is the presence of cracks. These can be generated by various factors, including poor drainage and tree roots. No matter the cause, it’s essential to have these repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Cracks can tolerate water from seeping into the pavement, which can cause further damage to the pavement. They can also be a trip hazard, so it’s vital to have them repaired immediately.

2. Potholes

 Another sign that you need to call for asphalt repair services is potholes. Potholes can form when water seeps into cracks in the pavement and freezes. As the water freezes, it builds up and creates a hole in the pavement. Potholes can be a trip hazard and can also damage vehicles.

3. The Surface Is Uneven

 Another telltale sign of asphalt damage is an uneven surface. This can be caused by settlement, erosion, or poor compaction during installation. A rough surface can cause trip hazards and make driving or walking difficult.

4. The Asphalt Is Discolored

 If you detect that your asphalt is starting to lose its color, it’s another sign that it needs to be repaired. Discoloration can be caused by several aspects, including UV damage, oil spills, and gas leaks.

5. The Asphalt Is Sinking

 Sinking or depression in asphalt is usually caused by poor compaction or erosion. This can create trip hazards and make the surface difficult to use.

6. You See Signs of Weathering

 Weathering is a common cause of asphalt damage. The sun, wind, and rain can cause the asphalt to crack, chip, and crumble.

7. Raveling

 Raveling is another common asphalt pavement problem. It occurs when the pavement surface breaks down, allowing small pieces of aggregate to dislodge. Raveling can weaken the pavement and make it more susceptible to damage from weather and traffic.

8. Rutting

 Rutting is another common asphalt pavement problem. It occurs when the pavement is compressed by traffic, causing it to form deep ruts.

 You must call a professional for asphalt repair services if you see any of these signs. They will be able to estimate the damage and make the necessary repairs to keep your property in good condition.

How to Find the Right Asphalt Service?

 There are a few things you must recognize when deciding when to call for asphalt repair services. It is necessary to catch the problem early, as asphalt repair is much more expensive the longer you wait. Be sure to seek a reputable company with experience.

 Be sure to get multiple estimates as well. Asphalt repair services can vary significantly in price, so getting a few different opinions is vital before deciding. By following these tips, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible value for your money.


 If your asphalt pavement shows any of the eight clues mentioned above, it is time to call for asphalt repair services. Asphalt damage should not be ignored, as it can lead to further damage and a more expensive repair bill. So, if you see any cracks, potholes, or other damage, call a professional immediately. 

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